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Balance from the Inside Out: Solutions for Working Women

Show Me How

I'm talking to you if you are a working woman who:

  • does everything yourself and won't ask for help
  • is a leader, but has trouble letting go of tasks
  • is an overwhelmed Super-Mom juggling family & career
  • is experiencing "Burn Out"
  • desires better work-life balance
  • is embarking on a job search
What Now

Professional speaker, author and the Working Woman’s Coach, I’ve “been there and done that”.

Are there challenges that are keeping you from the success and happiness you are striving so hard to achieve? I can help you!

Over the course of my career, I’ve been an entrepreneur and I’ve worked for organizations so no matter what your workplace situation, I’ve been there, experienced your challenges and learned how to be successful and happy.

Here’s the main lesson I’ve learned. You’re looking in the wrong place for your answers. You don’t need a total makeover, or a reinvention or even a transformation. How about a You-Turn? You’ve been going in the right direction; you’ve just gone too far. I can show you how to turn around and reclaim the authentic YOU. Then everything else falls into place.

Organizations I Have Worked With


Keynotes, Workshop & Retreats

We are only impeded by our self-limiting beliefs. Peggy's consciously crafted keynotes, workshops & retreats determine the crux of challenges and offer strategies to break through the noise.

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The Book

As a recovering do-it-all-herselfer, Peggy's book, Help is Not a Four Letter Word shows women how asking for help can actually bring the power back into their lives.

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Speaker Coaching

If you have been searching for support to strengthen your speaking skills, Peggy's Authentically Speaking course and/or speaker's coaching is the perfect solution!

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